Downtown Living


Flint’s Downtown District has something to offer everyone. Come downtown and: get pampered at Garibella Hair Salon, Visit the Flint Farmer’s Market to get garden fresh vegetables  marvel at the beauty of the River Bank Park and it’s Grand Fountain, read about Flint’s automotive history at the newly constructed Back to the Bricks Plaza, Walk the campuses of Kettering, Mott and the University of Michigan-Flint, you’ll really get that college feel, attend an event on the “Bricks” or at one of Flint’s fabulous event spaces, such as the Historic Durant ballroom, the Sarvis Center, The Northbank Ballroom, or the Riverfront Event and Expo Center, Check the color of the weather ball to see the days forecast, gaze at the historic restorations  or the modern renovations and the beautiful architecture on some of the largest buildings in Genesee County, take in the smell of the several top-notch restaurants and really experience Downtown Flint. If this sounds intriguing to you be sure to come and see Downtown, you may just be surprised in what you find.


Downtown Flint has several eateries and bars to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst. Whether you are looking for an upscale restaurant, a coffee and conversation with a friend, a quaint place to grab lunch or a burger and beer in a real college atmosphere, Downtown Flint has it all. Flint has been transforming from a factory town into a college town, and a major part of that transition has been the influx of food and nightlife. While old favorites such as the Torch, Churchill’s and the Lunch Studio are stronger than ever, the new comers; Brown Sugar Cafe, Blackstone’s, 501/Wizeguys, Flint Crepe Co., and cork are making a major impression on the face of Saginaw Street.  Combining the years of experience and the new comers to Downtown Flint, this is really becoming a culinary mecca of Genesee County. But don’t take our word for it, come try them our for yourself.


As the city of Flint transforms from a factory town to a college town it brings with it several impressive educational opportunities. Flint is home to a various multitude of supreme educational facilities for every age. Whether it be the College campuses or Mott, Baker, Kettering University and The University of Michigan-Flint, to the newly constructed Michigan School for the Deaf, to the Cultural Center’s many educational opportunities there is learning to be had by everyone. As Flint was the birth place of the traditional K-12 system as we know it, so it is also home to innovation and change. Several programs in the Flint’s educational systems are focused at community involvement. This is one of the ways that our city is really transforming and growing. 


The Downtown District of Flint has something for everyone. With the countless events, most notably Back to the Bricks and the Crim, there is a large event almost every month. And when you want to avoid the crowds you can browse through the several art gallery or enjoy the world class cultural center. If you’re into sports Flint is becoming a great place for that too. With the rise of college life comes the college sports, UM-Flint and Kettering have hockey teams, UM-Flint with its football and several sports can be viewed at Kettering’s fields. The Mott bears are a record holders in their division. And if you like to dance, Flint has some of that too, you can head down to Churchill’s on Thursday nights for the college feel, or check out the Loft with their nightly specials. Most of the bars have some great themed nights and you can often find live music at Raspberry’s, Blackstone’s, or Soggy Bottom. Second Friday Art Walk and Jazz Walk are some major networking opportunities and a lot of fun. So no matter what your interest Flint has something for you.